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Happy Holidays

This has been a tough year for many, including this little guy following the devastating bush fires earlier this year. You may have also noticed the image of the Koala as a regular feature of ‘good news’ stories on TV News broadcasts. This is a tactic the media use to help ‘balance’ the bad news with some good. In what has been a challenging year, Greenfields have decided to adopt a Koala as one of the small things we can do, to help balance the bad with some good. We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season with family and friends. Thank you for your support, looking forward to 2021.


Contingency plans are more work, but they help you to forge ahead

In this article, Nancy appreciates the benefit of contingency planning, particularly in the current environment we are working in.

Re-invent, hibernate, or close

In this article, we look at businesses that are in 'hibernation' mode and slowly working on improving their business model as restrictions ease.

Living an ‘unhurried life’

Nella looks at the negative effects of Multi-tasking and the benefits of living an unhurried life.

Season’s Greetings

Wishing you all a fun and happy holiday

Analysis Paralysis – using your gut to help with decisions

Analysis paralysis is where we overthink decisions and repeatedly go over the various options hoping to come up with the perfect plan. However there is no perfect plan. Making a decision is the only way to move forward, even an incorrect decision.

‘Go Live’ is not the end game

‘Go Live’ is not the end of change management activities.

Raising your awareness of your unconscious biases

Recently Nella (one of the Directors at Greenfields) had an interesting insight regarding her beliefs. In this post, Nella talks about raising your awareness of your unconscious biases.

Little words make big change

In this article, we look at how words can have an impact on making behavioural changes.

Are you a Barry?

In this edition, Nancy (one of the Directors of Greenfields) compares two methods of managing our ever increasing email inbox with different results.

Curiosity – A vital quality

Tips to develop your curiosity to open up your mind to new ideas and creative solutions.

Maintain that Holiday Glow

Maintain that holiday glow by changing how you think about work pressures, building social networks and seeking help.

Season’s Greetings

Is it that time already?

Cognitive Diversity – Avoiding Groupthink

Strategies to avoid the risk of Groupthink and encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

A real sense of connection

Nella reflects on what it takes to build a team and how a sense of loss can bring people with a common purpose and attitude together, to achieve a positive outcome.

Reverse coaching for new perspectives

The concept of Reverse Coaching is when a senior mature professional is coached by a younger...

Can a robot do your job?

According to a robot, 28% of a Change Manager’s job...

Leadership Qualities of a Charity Founder

Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest nations with a high percentage of...

Taking time out to think Strategy

Do you often find yourself too busy working on operational activities and fighting fires...

Millennials can help foster change

Transformational projects have traditionally focussed on managing the change management of employees...

Do you have time to think?

Open plan offices and new collaborative tools are in vogue...

Social Media to increase Employee Engagement

In today’s world the consumer is referred to as the C (connected) – Generation...