A real sense of connection

In this edition, Nella reflects on the response by a group of individuals when they were told their ‘CrossFit’ gym would be closing. Only a recent member herself, Nella thought it was a great example of what it takes to build a team and how a sense of loss can bring people with a common purpose and attitude together, to achieve a positive outcome.

Earlier this year I joined CrossFit (a fitness regime using constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity in a group environment). I was enjoying the group camaraderie and fitness benefits at a local CrossFit gym, when the sudden announcement was made that the gym was closing. I was intrigued with the reactions of the members (including my own) and how a group of approximately 80 people, mostly strangers, collectively felt such a sense of loss. What was more intriguing was the way we banded together to make the decision about what to do next. In the interest of remaining connected, we decided to join the same CrossFit gym in another location.

Before the announcement, I was not even aware of how connected I was to the group. I questioned myself and thought “Why am I feeling so sad when I only train an hour a day with these people and in most cases know very little about them, other than their first name and what weight they lift in a deadlift?”

It highlighted some key elements that contribute to a teams’ bond and common purpose that can be applied in the workplace. These are:

Due to this team environment and the collective positive response to an adverse event, we are now all training together in another gym and the results have been even more rewarding. Another point to note is that us newcomers have integrated seamlessly with the existing members of the new Crossfit gym. Further testament of the elements above and how these gyms encourage teamwork.

We felt this was worth sharing, for all Leaders to consider when assessing the effectiveness of their teams.



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