Curiosity – A vital quality

Most discoveries and inventions are sparked by inquisitiveness and curiosity. Albert Einstein attributes his success to his incessant curiosity stating: 'I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.'

Organisations need to encourage ‘curiosity’ to keep up with today’s rapidly changing and complex environment and to deal with the influx of disrupters. To be successful, Boards need to be curious, Leaders need to be curious and this curiosity needs to be cultivated at all levels of the organisation. When you ask questions because you are genuinely curious, it opens up your mind to new ideas and helps you develop creative solutions to problems.

Leaders don’t need to know everything, in fact it’s not possible, given the pace of change. If Leaders develop their curiosity and ask the right questions, they open up their minds to new ideas and creative solutions.

Here are some ways to develop your curiosity:



How curious are you? Click here to take a quick assessment and learn more about your curiosity profile.


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