Maintain that Holiday Glow

Notice that holiday glow you have when you come back to work after a long weekend or big break?  Ever wondered how you can maintain that relaxed and stress free feeling when you’re back at work? This can be achieved by changing how you respond to excessive work pressure and demands.

How you manage stress depends on factors such as genetics and personality type which are beyond our control, but Dr. Sam Harvey, a psychiatrist with Black Dog Institute says there are a range of factors you can change:

Having a strong network, both in and out of the workplace helps you to manage stress. Harvey says, “there is strong evidence that even in difficult workplace situations with difficult jobs and not much control, if you feel good and supported, then that buffers the effect of difficult situations.”   Professor Lindsay Oades, a senior researcher at the Centre for Health Initiatives at the University of Wollongong says, “we are biologically social creatures. Positive relationships are a big predictor of positive emotions, a sense of wellbeing and an ability to deal with adversity. In workplaces, networking is seen as instrumental, so too is seeking out friendships. This is not just nice, but a necessity.”

Psychologist and executive coach Naomi Harrison recommends the following strategies to think differently to manage stress:

As well as building resilient thinking, Naomi stresses the importance of taking breaks. “Taking a break can help you see problems differently and help you come up with alternative ways to cope with issues.”

Do things outside of work. The workplace mental health report noted: “there is good evidence that individuals who engage in regular leisure time activity, have a healthy weight and a balanced diet are at a decreased risk of future episodes of mental illness.”

If you are struggling at work, talk to those around you:

We hope these tips help you to maintain that holiday glow.


Resilience in the Workplace, by Jocelyn Lowinger. ABC Health and Wellbeing

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