Leadership Qualities of a Charity Founder

Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest nations with a high percentage of the population living in rural areas. Almost all of these rural families dream to own a cow, but the reality is that 80% of families will never be able to afford one.

Nella recently went to Cambodia with the charity ‘Cows for Cambodia’. This charity led by Andrew Costello (Cosi), is essentially a ‘Cow Bank’ where pregnant cows are loaned to Cambodian families. These families must look after the cow, abiding by a contract with strict rules to ensure the cow is nurtured. When the calf is born, the family keep the calf and the cow is returned back to the charity.

The long term goal of the project is to have 1,000 cows, which will make Cows for Cambodia one of Asia’s biggest Agricultural charity projects.

Nella has come back from this trip with a different perspective on life; Simplicity, Cherishing moments and Connections is what matters. In addition she felt Cosi displayed great Leadership skills. “He is a truly inspiring individual who is committed to a cause that he genuinely believes in. He is authentic and selfless in his pursuit.”

Some attributes that Nella observed in Cosi and his team, which contribute to the success of the charity are:

For more information about the charity check out

Left: Children sitting on rice bags that the charity group delivered to families in the Siem Riep village.
Right: Baby boy who is wearing t-shirt Nella donated.


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