Analysis Paralysis – using your gut to help with decisions

When making a big decision like buying a new car or deciding what strategic direction to take with your business, some people seem to be able to make quick decisions and others don’t. We all know at least one person (and it could be you) who spends days, months and in some cases years researching and analysing their decision in the quest to find the ‘right’ answer.

Analysis paralysis is where we overthink decisions and repeatedly go over the various options hoping to come up with the perfect plan. However there is no perfect plan. How often do we work on a project plan that needs to be adjusted along the way?  Making a decision is the only way to move forward, even an incorrect decision. Making a wrong decision is better than no decision at all. As Marie Beynon Ray said ‘If you’re wallowing in indecision, you certainly can’t act – and action is the basis of success.’

When making decisions, there is a balance to using your intuition as well as considering your options in a reasoned manner.  Here are some tips to using your gut to help you make decisions:

What might help you to make that difficult decision is to know that not making a decision is the ‘only’ detrimental decision you can make.  Even making a bad decision can lead to early failure and learning for moving forward and achieving success.


A Bad Decision is Better Than No Decision At All |Katherine Keller| April 14, 2014

How to Know When to Trust Your Gut |Art Markman |Sept 30,2013

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