Taking time out to think Strategy

Do you often find yourself too busy working on operational activities and fighting fires to stop and think about your company or team’s strategy for growth?

Different to strategic planning, strategic thinking is creative, innovative and intuitive. It’s imagining a new and very different future.1

Gina Trapani (founder of LifeHacker) states: ‘Taking breaks and zoning out from everyday tasks lets our brains do long-term, big-picture thinking that immediate engagement with bosses, email, and meetings does not. You don’t need a week or month off, just commitment to being uncommitted’.2

Recently the Greenfields’ management team spent a few days, being ‘uncommitted’ on the Mornington Peninsula to get a fresh perspective and think strategically. We were able to think creatively and come up with some new initiatives that we are very excited to implement in the next 12 months. The challenge is to keep up the momentum and not be overcome with day-to-day operational and tactical issues. It’s human nature to focus on the present and immediate issues, it’s easier to do than to think strategy and long-term planning.

Converting strategic ideas into reality requires strategic planning. Here are a few tips to help you put your strategy into action:

We are looking forward to sharing some of the strategic initiatives that came out of the Greenfields’ offsite… stay tuned!


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